RJ and Bible School

RJ is coming for Vacation Bible School next week, so I might be short on posts. We pick him up on Sunday. That means Grandpa and I have a LOT to do to get ready and very little time to do it since we have been on vacation. My daughter-in-law says RJ has really been looking forward to his visit. Little does she realize that the hubby and I are doing the same.

Still, there are things to think about. The boy has been in the water twice recently and is now convinced that he can swim, not realizing how much the floaties and the swim ring help. One of the things he and I did last year was to visit the lake at Warsaw, and I think my son is sort of worried about our doing that again. He thinks RJ needs a reality check, but my husband doesn’t. He said, “Don’t burst his bubble. When kids ride their bikes with training wheels, they’re riding, aren’t they?”


The hubby knows this because he remembers riding his bike through the countryside for a day when he was six. When he came home, nobody was upset. His mom just asked where he had been. He was six, cruising with the wheels he had available, and King of the Road.

Actually, that idea worries me a little more. One of RJ’s other grandmas gave him a battery operated Jeep that he uses to ride around their condo. When I talked to him on vacation, he asked where Grandpa and I were. I told him Texas. He announced that Texas was really far and then promptly told my daughter he could drive there. From Ohio.

I think I only want the bike to come to Indiana next week. Not the Jeep. What if RJ gets homesick?


1 Response to “RJ and Bible School”

  1. 1 Ellen June 13, 2007 at 6:43 am

    I hope you have a lovely time with RJ!



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