More on Those Signs

My son pointed this article out to me. I had no idea the signs I saw in Indianapolis were part of an ad blitz by a church.

I agree with the Rev. Andy Hunt of Body of Christ Community Church, quoted in the article, who said vandalism is always a wrong response. We are to hate the sin but love the sinner, and vandalism makes it appear that we hate.

The pastor of the church that sponsored the signs, Jeff Miner, says that the vandalism shows “the lengths some people will go to suppress ideas rather than have a dialogue.” I have to admit that I wonder if he is being truthful. Did he want a dialogue? He didn’t schedule a debate. Or did he want to get in people’s faces with what he thinks is right? If that’s what he wanted, his church opened the dialogue with some signs that are pretty in-your-face, and the response they got mirrors their attitude.


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