Good News Clubs and Good Memories

I woke up with a song in my head this morning. Do you ever do that? It was a hymn, and I tend to think that those times when I wake up with a hymn in my head are the times when God is trying to tell me that He’s got it. Whatever it is that I think needs got.

Anyway. The hymn I was humming was HE LIVES, and I was going to post a link to cyberhymnal with the words, but it seems that the song is still under copyright, so I decided I shouldn’t. It got me thinking, though, mainly because I think I sang that song the first time in Good News Club. That was back in the sixties, so I wasn’t sure there were still Good News Clubs around, but it appears that there are.

I started going to Good News Club after school when I was in the first grade. The home in which it was held was just down the street from my grade school. A lady opened her home and filled her basement with kids from the school. I don’t know how she did it! We learned Bible stories, sang songs and memorized Scripture. In fact, Good News Club was the first place where I remember memorizing Scripture on a regular basis. (I learned the Twenty-Third Psalm at a Baptist Bible School the summer between kindergarten and first grade.)

Another thing I remember from Good News Club was the Wordless Book. I still think this book is a wonderful way to teach the Gospel to children. We sang a song with the wordless book that went like this:

My heart was black with sin

Until the Savior came in.

His precious blood, I know

Will wash me white as snow.

And in His Word I’m told

I’ll walk the streets of gold.

To grow in Christ each day

I read the Bible and pray.

I don’t remember the name of the lady who opened her house to all those kids, but I am sure she got some extra stars in her heavenly crown for all her effort. And if you live in Toledo, Ohio and your mom ran a Good News Club, maybe it’s the one I went to.

So tell her thank you for me, will you?



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