Heavy Thoughts

Our local high school requires Accelerated Reader points, and I try to do my part by reading aloud to the kids who have problems understanding. Today a girl asked me to read A BOY NAMED IT, a book I have avoided because I know myself and its subject matter makes me ill. Nevertheless, I read.

One of my boys, one whom I know has been abused, sat and listened intently. He has three more AR points to earn. At the point where I had to quit reading because of the abuse in the book, I mentioned that I didn’t want to read any more. He turned to me and said, “But you will,” so I anticipate his asking for my help with this book as he completes his AR. I pray it doesn’t happen, yet I know that sometimes kids have to face these things, and I pray that I will have the strength and the right words should he ask me to read this book with him.

Another of my “chicks,” Sam I Am, has chosen to write on his family heritage even though Children’s Services broke his family up six years ago and he is not allowed to see them. It is hard for me to watch his face as he searches. He brought a book of poetry to share with me yesterday, and the poems were beautiful. They were also heart-breaking.

It is a great comfort, in a way, to know that, if my heart aches so much for these children, their Heavenly Father’s aches infinitely more.  HE can do something for them.


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