A Little Education for the Aide

You never know when you might learn something. That’s one of the reasons that I like my job.

Last year, I spent some time in Chemistry and Physics and, being an English major, I learned quite a bit. And it seems I am always learning new methods when I help the kids with their math. But today I learned something new in English.

When I went back to school for my English certification in ’93, I didn’t know anybody with an e-mail account, and we only played with the Internet. As a consequence, I really haven’t done that much Internet research. I prefer books, I guess. Mostly because I know them.

The sophomores, however, are starting a research unit, and I found out a few things that I didn’t know. One of those is that a dot-com is one of the least reliable web sources that you can cite. Another is to look deeper even if the web address looks good.

One page the teacher gave the kids to practice on was about the Civil War and on the outside, it looked good. Until you clicked the About page which, thankfully, I have learned to do. Then you found out that the page was written by sixth graders. While I concede that they might have been very well taught sixth graders, I still think you could find a more reputable site for a research paper.

And then there was this one. FZVA. Go ahead. Click on it. And then tell me why I had to convince some of the sophomores that the website wasn’t reputable. Seems you have to use some common sense with evaluating websites, too.

There are days when I know the subject matter in the classes where I serve so well I could go through them like a zombie. But I’d think everyone would know there isn’t actually an agency that fights zombies.

I wonder how gullible I was in high school…


1 Response to “A Little Education for the Aide”

  1. 1 amy February 22, 2007 at 2:31 pm

    You have to look at a disclaimer if there is one, on all websites to verify their veracity.

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