School is closed today. There are blizzard conditions in our area of Indiana. I am prepared. There is kerosene in the kerosene heater. Now if only I can remember how to light it! And I bought milk, etc., at the grocery store yesterday. They were sold out of gallons of drinking water.

The last time I lived through this was twenty-nine years ago. I was a young, pregnant wife. We lived in a 12×50 trailer. I remember waking up around 2 A.M. and telling my husband sleepily that it was only raining, the weather reports must have been wrong.

Nope. I was. We felt the trailer rock with the wind for three days. I was fortunate then to have the hubby with me.

Today he is out on the road. Has been since 2 A.M. This is a part of working for the railroad that I will NOT miss!


I decided to be conservative in my shoveling, partially because it is so cold and partially because the daughter, aka the Exercise Nazi, gave me a speech about it this morning. (She knows I tend to push my limits, and I know she lectures out of love.) Anyway…in the fifteen minutes it took me to shovel the porch and the front sidewalk, it was covered again with a good half an inch of snow. I figure what I shoveled was eight inches deep. This could prove interesting….


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