A Movie to Watch for: AMAZING GRACE

I had not seen the trailers for AMAZING GRACE at my local theater, so I was thankful to find information about it as well as the trailer at IN THE OPEN SPACE:GOD AND CULTURE. Sometimes good movies come and go before we are even aware of them. If we want to see more good movies, it helps to be aware of them and to patronize them when they are in our local theaters.

The film’s website says that it tells the story of three men: William Wilberforce, who fought to end the slave trade in England, Oloudah Equiano, a slave who purchased his freedom and returned to England to work in the anti-slavery movement, and John Newton, the minister who worked as an abolitionist and wrote the lyrics to “Amazing Grace.”

I checked rottentomatoes.com for reviews of the film, but there aren’t enough yet for AMAZING GRACE to have received a rating. That doesn’t really matter to me, though. I would like to see it because of the story that it tells.

Variety says AMAZING GRACE will be “the centerpiece” of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. I wonder if it will come to my little town.


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