Apostrophes….No, I Meant Epiphanies.

Today at church, we began the season of Epiphany which, if you don’t know, is the season in which the divine nature of Christ was revealed to those around Him. I had to laugh because, in his lead-in, our pastor said that as he was channel-surfing, he found the movie HOOK, and Smee, Captain Hook’s first mate said, “I just had an apostrophe!”

Hook turned to him and said, “You mean an epiphany.”

The reason this comes to mind is because, as anyone who reads my blog knows, the hubby and I are waiting to find out the way God wants us to go after retirement. So far there have been no openings of the heavens or voices from above. Then again, I don’t know that we qualify for that. So…we listen for the still, small Voice.

Not surprisingly, this desire for epiphanies hits us at any stage of life. The nephew,  has a MySpace account, and in a recent entry, he wrote this:

I just so dearly want to see the future, I want a big 1,000,000,000 candlepower spotlight to see what’s up ahead, but… “Your Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path…”

This means, then, that I can really only see the next step, and that I need to take it. I keep thinking “Why can’t I just do it now, NOW, NOW!” But… not yet. (I don’t even really know what the next step is… I wonder whose fault that is…)

I wish I could reassure him, but I am twenty-six years older than he is and I, too, yearn to know the next step. Yet I know I must listen so that the next step I take is the right one. And it is the waiting that is the hardest.

The nephew is a wise young man, I think. Yet some things can be learned only by experience and, since he is related to me, he may have to learn repeatedly some of the lessons I have to relearn. For instance, he observed my father after my sister (the nephew’s mom) died, and said, “Grandpa seems to be doing OK. Does it get easier the older you get?”

To which I responded, “No, I don’t think so. The older you get, you find out that there are some things you just have to live through.”

So it is with waiting, Nephew. And maybe, if we are patient and prayerful, we’ll get an epiphany about the nature of our Savior as we wait.


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