Happy Thoughts

Number 1

I have been talking to the Home-Ec teacher at the school where I work. She lets me wait in her classroom after lunch until the English teacher next door opens her room and besides…the Home Ec room always smells sooooo good!

Anyway, I gave her a recipe for Christmas Mice Cookies that I got from Taste of Home. I knew she was looking for things for her kids to bake. They had just completed gingerbread houses using graham crackers and lunch-size milk cartons. She called me in to show me the cookies, and they looked great, but that isn’t the best part of this story.

All year, I have been working on establishing a rapport with this girl from the Emotionally Disabled class. I don’t actually work with her in any of my classes, but she NEVER smiles. Anyway, about a week ago, she started saying hello to me before I said something to her, and yesterday she actually stopped me in the all to talk. Know why? Those Christmas cookies! She wanted to tell me how much she had enjoyed making them.

You never know what a little thing means to someone else.

Number 2

Then there’s this junior boy who’s in two of my classes. He came to our school recommended for inclusion under emotional disability, and I will admit that last school year, I thought maybe that’s where he should be. Since early fall, though, he’s gotten a lot of his act together.

This week has been sort of hard on me, and he sensed that somehow. He told me he thought I needed chocolate. When he and I met in the room that HAS the chocolate, that was our answer, but such is no longer the case. I told him I would make a chocolate run before the next class, and he wagged his finger at me and said, “I won’t be there to cut you off at three. You behave yourself!”

If you knew the change that indicates in this young man, you would be as touched by that statement as I am.

Number 3

I had my doubts about giving up working full-time as a teacher, and for a while the teachers had their doubts about me because I had done so. No one could understand exactly why I would do that, and (I’m guessing) they seemed to think that my professional qualifications were lacking since I had bowed out, so to speak.

HOWEVER…the teachers with whom I work are now asking me for input as if I were still one of their fellow teachers, which makes me very happy.  First of all, it’s nice to be included in the planning.  And secondly, I get to teach.  Sort of vicariously, but I still get to teach.

This week was just a hard one for me all the way around.  I am so thankful that God provided some bright spots to get me through.


1 Response to “Happy Thoughts”

  1. 1 writeathome December 10, 2006 at 2:07 pm

    Yes, God is good to provide those “bright spots” in the midst of our hard times. My heart was touched as I read about how God used you to effect a change in those 2 young people. I pray God will continue to show you those bright spots. Thanks for sharing.



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