TPing–Beware the Challenge

The kids at school were discussing TPing an administrator they do not like this morning, and I feel the need to vent.

When we lived in Ohio, I read an article which stated that TPing can actually be a form of affection, and I suppose it can, say if that certain boy wants to pay attention to that certain girl, although why he would TP instead of just saying that he liked her is beyond me. Still, I can see it then. Mostly, though, I think it is just an annoyance and a form of vandalism.

Here’s why. When we lived in Ohio and I substituted, the kids thought it was great fun to TP the two pine trees at the end of our driveway. They were always proud of themselves, and would, the next time they saw me, tell me how pretty they thought the TPing job was. Finally, I could take it no longer. Our driveway was 500 feet long, and it was curvy. Plus, we lived in the country, and there were no street lights. So what was the challenge of TPing when no one could possibly see you from the house and there was NO chance of getting caught? That’s what I told them. I said that if they really wanted a challenge, they should TP all 500 feet of the driveway. Now that would be something to brag about.

Want some advice? Don’t challenge teenage boys.

My husband and I went to a festival in a nearby town during the summer, and we saw some of the local boys who, when they saw me, huddled together and pointed. Now I need to say that I don’t think these boys disliked me, and I do think they saw TPing as good clean fun. Anyway, the pointing worried me…

…and the next morning, I woke up to toilet paper streamers the whole length of the driveway. There was toilet paper hanging from the telephone wires. There was toilet paper EVERYWHERE. And even though I had two kids to help me, it took FOREVER to clean up. Nevertheless we did it, and I was sort of ashamed of myself for having issued the challenge, although I didn’t really see it as such at the time. My husband always says never to ask a question if you don’t want to hear the answer, and I suppose challenges fall right in there too. Just because I asked for it (sort of) didn’t mean that I had nothing better to do with my morning than clean up all that toilet paper!

So…I asked the boys this morning what their mothers would think. They said their mothers wouldn’t know. I asked what their mothers would do if THEY got TPed. They said their mothers would just tell them to clean it up. So I guess they don’t see it as vandalism, although at least in reference to this administrator, TPing would NOT be a sign of affection. And then I found out that the administrator’s son had bet this boy and four of his friends $20 each that they could not TP his house without being caught.

Uh oh. A challenge. If they go through with it, I hope ALL of those boys learn a lesson.

Meanwhile….I’m glad they don’t know where I live.


1 Response to “TPing–Beware the Challenge”

  1. 1 Frowzy December 20, 2006 at 5:22 pm

    Check out this humorous video on the Art of TPing:

    The Art of TPing or How to Gift Wrap a House

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