The Daughter

The daughter reads my blog less than her boyfriend does, but when she does, one of her first comments is always, “But you don’t say much about me!!”

True. But there is a reason for that. I try to, for the most part, respect her and her brother’s privacy. (Is that the right wording?)

Anyway…the daughter graduated cum laude with a degree in Kinesiotherapy, making her a Certified Kinesiotherapist once she passed her board test, I think they call it. That degree was touted as up and coming in the health profession, but…the university was WRONG. Although she is trained like a physical therapist without using heat or ice (she could tell you more), her services are not generally covered by insurance, which means she cannot get a job in her area.

Frustration. She’s been out of college almost four years.

Yet last night she called, and she was SOOO happy that I just had to share. The physical therapist with whom she works the most is leaving for another job, and she wants to find a way to take the daughter with her. Yesterday was the PT’s last day, and she had the person who will cover until they replace her in for a briefing.

Here’s how it went:

New Therapist: “What about this?”

Old Therapist: “Oh, Jill does that.”

New Therapist: “And this?”

Old Therapist: “Jill does that, too.”

And a little later….

New Therapist: “And when I need….”

Old Therapist: “Jill.”

New Therapist: “Boy, am I gonna love this!!”

I am glad that the daughter’s talent has been recognized. I do wish that she would get a break, that she could get a job in her field. She currently works as a PT tech, which is far below what she is trained to do. That, with her other TWO jobs is how she pays her bills.

I have written before about how much her knowledge has done for me and for other people that I know. I guess people see the results in me and think if I can do it, they can too. The fact of the matter is, though, that the daughter is good at what she does. She is good at evaluating people for exercises that will help them, and she strikes a good balance between being the Exercise Nazi (as we so lovingly refer to her) and being the caring individual that she is.

The people with whom she works know how good she is. Since I told you, now you know. And probably most important to the daughter:

Yes, Jill. I am proud of you.

Hope it pleases you that I announced it on line.


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