Tomorrow, August ninth, is the big day. School starts.Although my mind rebels against school starting this early, I am looking forward to it. I got my schedule yesterday. I have two periods in Resource Study Hall, where kids can receive one-on-one help if they need it. Then I will spend five periods in five different English classes. One English 9, two English 10s with different teachers, one English eleven and one English 12. I used to teach English, so this is an obvious placement. One of the teachers is relatively new at it, and one of them is a brand-spanking-new teacher, just out of school. That ought to be interesting!

It will be interesting, too, because there will be no “practical” classes for the special ed kids. Inclusion is a reality this year. Everybody, those who go to the vocational high school for half a day, those that are only in school because the law requires it, and those who want to go to college, will be in the same class. I feel for the teachers. How will they teach successfully at all those levels? They need prayer!

The daughter helped me pick out a bag for school. I am often clueless as to what is “in,” but now I have a “messenger bag” with assorted pockets to keep my things organized. That’s the theory, anyway. And we bought coordinating spiral-bound notebooks and folders, although I will have to go back and get more, not having anticipated being in five DIFFERENT classes.

Let’s see. I set off for kindergarten forty-six years ago. With the exception of a few years when my children were small, I have been going off to school every fall ever since. And picking out new folders and, I don’t know, the smell of the supplies, fills me with anticipation every year.

There IS hope for a better future. And I am thankful for my small part in helping to create it.


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