Did You Know There Was a Bible Blogging Project?

I didn’t, but as I scanned AOL News, I saw a link to “Is the Bible More Racist or Sexist?” Naturally, I clicked on it.

That particular entry was about the book of Numbers, and I didn’t see much in it that I didn’t know except the dolphin skin thing in Chapter 4. I sort of think it a little “out there” to talk about Monty Python episodes in the Bible like the test for adultery in Numbers Chapter 5, but I can see how it might appear. And I too have wondered why Miriam took such a hit in Chapter 12 and Aaron got off. Seems like it might have been an attitude of the heart thing to me.

Anyway, all this made me curious about the author of this project. His name is David Plotz, and he happens to be Jewish. He accidentally got interested in the Bible at a cousin’s bat mitzvah, picking it up to read when he had nothing better to do. And he found an unfamiliar story, that of Dinah, Jacob’s daughter, so he kept reading.

Mr. Plotz is humble about the whole thing. In fact, the subtitle of his first entry is “What Happens When an Ignoramus Reads the Good Book?” He says that he figures he will repeat things that are obvious to some people, and he hopes that he will get e-mails when he screws up.

If you are interested , you will need to link here for the beginning of Plotz’s project, here for “Why Joseph Is My Hero,” here for “There Are Ten Other Commandments,” here for “Leviticus on Slavery” and here for “The Book of Numbers: Biblical Racism and the Story of Moses’ African Wife.”

The tone of this blogging project made me want to keep reading. It never hurts to see the questions about Scripture that someone else raises. And I hope this journey will lead to good things for Mr. Plotz. The Bible does say that God’s Word does not return to Him void (Isaiah 55:11).


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