The Dryer of My Dreams

Well…maybe that’s an exaggeration. A little one. I didn’t know I wanted it until I saw it, and I would really only buy such a thing if I had money to burn, which is unlikely. Still, I think I drooled over this dryer the way men are said to drool over cars.

The hubby and I don’t normally appliance-shop unless something breaks, but we had been discussing a small chest freezer for some time, and yesterday we went looking. We checked out three different appliance stores in Indy and during our search came up on the Maytag Neptune Drying Center. According to the Maytag website, these are the benefits the dryer has:

  • Removes odors – steam and optimum temperatures grab odors, while gentle airflow removes them. Use a dryer sheet to add fragrance.
  • Saves up to $250 each year in dry cleaning – savings are based on an average dry cleaning cost to refresh at $6.00 per item, four items per month
  • Three times larger capacity – The Maytag® Neptune® Drying Center offers a capacity that is three times larger than a traditional dryer
  • BreezeCare™™ Drying System – air circulates around and through every item; gentle temperatures are easy on fabrics
  • Dry Clothes Cycle – safely dries special-care items; eliminates shrinkage and damage
  • Refresh Cycle – freshens “dry clean only” items using optimum temperatures, humidity and air circulation
  • Backed by the Maytag® Dependable Performance warranty
  • Drum light – makes it easy to see inside the dryer when loading or unloading
  • EQ™ Plus™ Sound-Silencing System – for ultra-quiet performance

This dryer has sweater racks and hat racks inside, and I watched as its “wrinkle-release”motion shook the clothes hung in the top cabinet for a little over three minutes. All of this luxury has a price tag of only $1200 which, when you think about it, is perfectly affordable after you spend the $900 for the front load, rear control washer that would go with it perfectly.

Like I said, I can think of lots of things to buy BEFORE I would buy this dryer. Still, the looking was nice. And my husband indulged me, which was nicer yet. I think that next time we go shopping, maybe he should test drive the Dodge Ram with a Hemi that keeps calling his name.


1 Response to “The Dryer of My Dreams”

  1. 1 Carol July 24, 2006 at 5:49 pm

    Wow! Sounds like a wonderful dryer. We bought a Maytag Atlantis washer and dryer a couple of years ago, so I hope that will do us for many years to come but………………..If I Were A Rich Man. 🙂

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