The Exercise Nazi Will Love This Article!

I have always been a walker. I was raised by walkers. Besides, back in the day, I had to walk to school. We only had one car, and my dad worked on the other side of the city. Now that I have RA, I walk more slowly and sometimes less often. A seventeen minute mile? Ha! Still, I do move.

Enter the Exercise Nazi, she who got me started on crunches, leg lifts and a stability ball. She who tolerated me when I outright laughed at her telling me I could do it. She will like this article about exercise doing wonders in middle age. The study was done at the University of Heidelberg in Germany and concludes that:

… while people who’ve exercised all their lives are more likely to enjoy better health, these findings suggest that beginning to exercise later in life still offers many benefits and can reduce the risk of heart disease…

This echoes the words of the Exercise Nazi: Better late than never!! And she sure made a believer out of me.


1 Response to “The Exercise Nazi Will Love This Article!”

  1. 1 Jeremy November 29, 2006 at 6:49 am

    I was talking to the daughter about a friend who recommended yoga to me, and in the course of the conversation, we mentioned exercise. Mine, specifically.

    This is what the daughter, aka the Exercise Nazi, said: “Yoga’s not bad for stretching, but you are doing Pilates, which is better for strength training. How’s that going, by the way?”

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