A Sponge Bob Object Lesson

RJ likes Sponge Bob. Personally, I don’t know anything about him, but RJ’s three-year-old birthday party included a Sponge Bob pinata, and he is quick to tell me about the characters.

This is RJ’s Sponge Bob hat.


This hat went everywhere on RJ’s head last week, which was fine with me since it was hot and he is so fair-skinned. I didn’t want him to get sunburned.

That is why the hat was with us as we were driving down Rt.15. Now I drive a ’93 Olds. It’s a bare-bones sort of car. You have to roll the windows up and down, and RJ was sort of enthralled with that. He wanted the windows down even when I had the air on. I had to keep telling him to keep his hands in. I admit it. I told him that the policeman would be unhappy with me if I let him put his hands outside the window.

So he didn’t. And as we traveled down 15 and he rolled down the window, he told me that he didn’t. Immediately followed by a wail of, “My hat! My hat!”

I looked in the rear-view mirror. The hat sat on the center line.

I had to go a quarter mile to find a place to turn around., and during that time, not one car passed in either direction. But of course, when I parked along the side of the road and turned my flashers on, there were bunches of cars. And trucks. And RJ was crying from the back seat, “Grandma, GET MY HAT!”

I watched as trucks blew the hat from side to side. It did seem to me that people might have thought about why I was waiting to cross the road, but nobody seemed intent on avoiding the hat. Finally, though, things slowed down. I grabbed the hat, moving faster than I had thought possible. Miraculously, it had not been run over. And I handed it back to RJ, who solemnly informed me that he would NEVER put anything out the window again.

My son told me that he would not have gone back, but the way I see it, losing the hat meant a whole lot more to RJ than anything I had said about keeping things inside the window. Object lessons are worth a lot.

Hopefully, this is one that he will remember.


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