A Lesson for Grandma on Projectiles

I don't think cherry tomatoes were popular when my kids were young. Maybe that's why I didn't know this.

It was really hot yesterday, and I know that RJ likes pizza, so I took him to Pizza Hut, where there is a buffet, after Bible School. I figured the pizza would be readily available, so I could accommodate his three-year-old attention span.

The pizza was not the problem. This kid has always liked vegetables, broccoli being a particular favorite, so I was not even suspicious when he asked me to put some cherry tomatoes on his plate. Fortunately, I was carrying the plate.

Not even thirty seconds went by when we got back to the table and one was in his mouth. And then promptly flew across the table. While I was chasing that one and before I could corral the boy, there went another one.

I made RJ pick up the tomato which went on the floor. He emerged from under the table with mouth full (eeew!), but I managed to grab him before that tomato went flying again. Then I put him on my lap and moved the tomatoes out of sight.

"RJ, look at me," I said. "Grandma is not very happy with you."

He actually looked puzzled. THEN he said, "Why not, Grandma? Don't you like healthy things?"

Maybe that's why God gives kids to YOUNG people.

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