A Mystery Solved

My husband always teases me because, if I make my own choice about where to sit in a room, it is always in a neutral corner.  In the back.  For years, I have thought this was a result of having always been seated in the back in school since I am tall.  But now I am not so sure.

My father asked the hubby and me to come to Toledo for his Legion dinner.  We can't always travel on the weekend because of the on-call thing, but this time we could.  My brother-in-law and niece came, too.  I could tell Dad was happy, particularly since Father's Day was the next day and he would be alone then.

Anyway.  One of the ladies from the Legion tried to point out a seat for my dad, but he headed for the back.  In the corner.  T

The lady sighed.  "As usual,"  she said.  "He always does that."

I swear, a light bulb came on over my head!  Not that it matters, much.  Some people just like neutral corners.  But at least now I know two reasons that might be true for me. 


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