High School Anniversary Insight

Today, May 5th, is my 28th wedding anniversary. OF COURSE I told people about it when I went to school. Here's what the boys said:

Kyle: "How can you stand being married to the same person for twenty-eight years?"

Derek: "Do you even still like him?"

Me:(Sigh) "I looked for somebody who was nice enough to marry for a long time. Once I found him, I wanted to keep him."

Isaac(turning to the others): "That's the way they used to do it back in the day. You married one person and you stayed with them forever."


My husband mentioned our anniversary at work, too. He was on the Sperry car, and the chief operator said he thought it was nice to see people being married as long as we have been. My husband chuckled as he told me. "I'm not sure he was twenty-eight years old," he said.

Maybe that 's the purpose long marriages serve. To give young people hope. To show how it was "back in the day." To show that marriage still can work.

I'm glad we could be an example. It hasn't always been easy, but I am surely thankful for the years Ron and I have had together.


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