Being a Good Steward

Having raised my own children in the country, we gave a lot of thought to how we treated our environment. We may not have made all of the adjustments that we could have, but we did recycle, even though it meant hauling things to the next town since we didn’t have garbage pick-up. We composted or gave our food scraps to the animals and, for a while at least, we bought in bulk to reduce packaging.

I think the environment is on everyone’s mind with the cost of gas these days. I heard yesterday on GOOD MORNING AMERICA that there are both domestic and foreign causes for the price hike. The domestic cause, the way I understand it, is that ethanol is to be added to gasoline instead of the usual summer additive. And there just isn’t enough ethanol to go around. Overseas, the supply is in question because of unrest in places like the Sudan and Iran. It looks like things will get worse before they get better. If they get better.

My job places me in an Environmental Science class every day. The students are concerned about environmental issues, at least in theory. But when their teacher discussed the gasoline situation with them in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, when the prices spiked, their answer, almost unanimously, was that they would drive. No matter what. And when the teacher said that somebody had to make adjustments or we would run out of oil, they said, “Well, it won’t be us. Besides, we’ll be dead before that happens. Who cares?”

Well, I care, And I don’t think you can count on that. The dead part, I mean. And as a mom and a grandma, I would like to leave my kids with a world that at least resembles the one I was lucky enough to grow up in. That’s why I was glad to see these ads on global warming. I think they are very thought provoking and, as you can see if you clicked on the link, you can vote for the ones that you like best. And since I am lucky enough to have a son that understands computer code, I now have a “Fight Global Warming” button on my blog. You can get one too if you go to the site.

I don’t think we should all be alarmists or doomsday prophets. But I do think that , if we don’t take steps to preserve what God has given us, there will be consequences. And at least some of us will be around to see them.


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