The Stress Test Tomorrow

My husband's stress test is tomorrow, and I am unreasonably afraid. I know that I am. I know that I shouldn't be. But there it is.

So….why? I have talked to people who have had stress tests, to people who have FAILED stress tests (I guess that happens if you last less than two minutes), and they are all still here and functioning. It is silly to worry this way. I know Ron is in God's hands. I can send him to work 24+ hours on a train wreck and not worry like this. I don't worry when he mows the lawn or when he swings a sledge at work or when he had 44 miles of track to walk in two weeks. But I am worried now.

I have researched the test, and all the literature tells me that he isn't going to have a heart attack if he wasn't going to anyway. And how much safer could he be than to be in a heart doctor's office with the doctor right there? And, like I said, he's in God's hands. But still….

So why is he going to have the test? Because he and I have decided that, health problems aside, our aim for our golden years is to be as healthy as we can physically, mentally, emotionally. Spiritually. That involves some trouble-shooting, I think. It doesn't do to put your head in the sand if there is a problem And this test could rule that out.

But if there is? A problem, I mean? Then the right thing to do, it seems to me, is to deal with it. Not to ignore it. To be as healthy as you can be. These are all the things I tell him as I remind him that he does have to leave work to go for the test. That he has to be on time. That he can't take his blood pressure medicine tonight or tomorrow morning. That he needs comfortable shoes. That I love him.

Oh,Lord…please let him be all right.


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