One of the hardest things for me to get used to as a young bride was the fact that my husband could not wear a wedding ring to work. It just didn't seem right. I knew there was a reason–that being safety–but the whole idea just didn't sit well with me.

Over the years I have gotten used to it, though. Three years after we were married, when I was working in a restaurant, I broke my engagement ring as I was stocking boxes. Fortunately, it broke in half. The alternative could have been my losing a finger, which is the reason for the no-ring rule on the railroad.

Anyway…the railroad is big on safety which, since my husband works for them and I want him safe, doesn't bother me an awful lot. My husband has to do frequent safety audits, which are also a good thing. Not counting the fact that it would be hard to live with yourself if someone were hurt or worse on your watch, any injuries also count against my husband for his raise. He audits people, and sometimes other people audit his people.

That's what happened last week, and guess what they found? Someone was wearing a wedding ring! So Monday morning, my husband had to instruct all the troops on the rule and have them sign off that they understood it and agreed not to wear their wedding rings to work. The rub here is that if someone forgets, whatever "officer" is on duty at that time will be disciplined for failing to notice right along with the person who wore the ring.

A long time ago, when I was getting used to the ring-less idea, my husband explained it this way. He said that if he took the ring off when he got to work, even if it was a habit, there would be times when he forgot. And what if one of the times that he forgot resulted in the loss of a finger? When you love someone, the risk of that doesn't seem worth taking. Besides–if the only thing that makes you married is a ring, you are in trouble already.

So I hope the men who work for my husband take the rule seriously and just leave their rings at home. They have wives who can remind them. Just like I didn't want to take a risk that my husband would be hurt, I would hate to see anything happen to someone else's husband, either.

You wouldn't think such a little thing could cause such a problem, would you?


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