Fun Things about Holiday Get-togethers

1. Watching the “kids,” the youngest of whom is now nineteen. Who gave them permission to grow up?

2. Being force-fed by a baby. Both my grandsons have done this. This time it was Tony, who is sixteen months old. He won’t always fall for “that’s for Tony,” so I finally gave up and ate some slobber-soggy fries. Does God grant baby slobber immunity from germs?

3. Watching Jill and Nathan together. They sure did look happy walking home from the hot dog stand.

4. Being back in the area where I grew up and raised my kids.

5. Actually getting a hug from both brothers-in-law.

6. Steak!

7. The stories that are told over and over again. Who would have thought that I would still be hearing about twisting my sister’s nose with the pliers? I was four!

8. Watching my eighty-year-old father’s face as he enjoys the fact that his family has outgrown his house.

9. Seeing my mother’s hand in the things that bloom around her yard.

10. Thanking God that I have a family that can actually get together.


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