Things That Go Bump in the Night

My son and daughter-in-law report that RJ, who is three and a half, has developed a fear of monsters that keeps him from sleeping in his own bed. In trying to help him deal with this, my daughter-in-law found a Veggie Tales video entitled"Where's God When I'm Scared?" There is a song on the video that she and my son have been singing to RJ at night. She says it helps. They had to take the video back to the library, though.

Years ago, my daughter, RJ's Aunt Jill, had similar fears. At that time the answer was cassettes of GT (Good Tidings Angel) and the Halo Express. The tapes told stories about kids with fears, and GT sang Bible verses to help the kids calm themselves. I am sure the Veggie Tales tape is similar in nature. Jill is twenty-six now, and she says the verses still come back to her when she needs them.

Kids have enough stress in today's world, and I have always thought you should give them the tools to deal with it if you can. Who knows what caused RJ's nighttime fears to start? But if the Veggie Tales help, then Grandpa and I are happy to oblige.

We will see the grand-kids tomorrow as the family gathers for Easter. The local Christian bookstore did not have the Veggie Tales episode that I need, but the one in Toledo does, and Aunt Jill has graciously volunteered to go by and pick it up.

Here's to sweet dreams for RJ!

UPDATE: RJ received his DVD today. The tune he likes is "God is Bigger than the Boogie Man."

It is from the Veggie Tales DVD WHERE'S GOD WHEN I'M SCARED.


1 Response to “Things That Go Bump in the Night”

  1. 1 Shirley April 14, 2006 at 11:08 pm

    Sweet dreams and comfort to those babies.

    I have a new Easter post you will probably enjoy and another cause for celebration. Got my 2000th hit. Thank you for helping me.

    a blessed Easter.


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