Palm Sunday

I do love Lent and Easter. They mean an end to the dreariness of winter.  Think about the whole thing from the perspective of a person of faith. The Jews had waited for the Messiah for how many years? And for how many years had God been silent? Finally, they would be delivered (although maybe not in the way they thought they were going to be).

One of the passages in the Bible that speaks volumes about this is Luke 19:40. The people are praising Jesus, and the Pharisees tell Jesus to keep his followers quiet. What does Jesus respond? "I tell you," he replied,"if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out." Jesus's time had come. The praise could not be contained.

My son forwarded me a comic that deals with this very issue, and I thought it was worth sharing. I have often appreciated the Biblical ideas portrayed in B.C. Today is just another instance. My thanks to Johnny Hart, the writer of B. C., for sharing his faith here.  And to Our Heavenly Father, the One who ended the long wait for new life!


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