Who Instituted This?

A letter to the editor written by the director of my local Crisis Pregnancy Center alerted me to the existence of a “holiday” of which I was previously unaware: Abortion Provider Appreciation Day. Evidently it was instituted in 1996 and is supposed to be celebrated on March 10th of each year.

The letter was aptly titled, I thought: “Can We Appreciate Those Who Kill?” I work in a high school, and the kids who noticed this letter in the paper were incensed by the idea of thanking abortion providers, as am I. Killing, in my opinion, is not something to be celebrated. I guess though, since our country permits abortion, we shouldn’t be surprised.

A long time ago, somebody showed me an editorial cartoon about abortion that has stuck with me. A man was on his knees praying, asking God why He didn’t send someone to cure cancer and to bring about world peace. The answer the man received from heaven was this: ” I did send them. You aborted them.”

Should we thank people for that?


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