A Leap Ahead

Our son loves computers and pretty much all things technological, so he was quite pleased when we updated our Internet service to cable. He’s right; it is much faster and therefore less frustrating.

The next step was to upgrade our phone service to VoIP. We finally made the leap last night. We elected to keep our current phone number, and we didn’t think anything about the number being ported over. Surely, we thought, they wouldn’t port the number until they had sent us the router.

HOWEVER…they did. So we woke up this morning with no phone service. Fortunately, we both have cell phones, although my phone doesn’t receive service inside the house. My husband has the availability that he needs for work, and the router will get here. By Wednesday, my son thinks.

I think it is important to keep up with changes. That need is actually what convinced me to learn about computers. I was working in a fifth grade class, and the kids knew more about the computers than I did. That’s not a good thing. It’s sort of hard for my husband and me to foresee some of the problems, though. We are thankful that we have a technology-savvy member of the family to call on when we need him.


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