My husband received word yesterday that he will have a new assistant in a week or so. He feels good about the choice, and I do, too. The man has experience on the railroad although not with the job he is about to undertake. And he interviewed for this job, so he wants it.

I have always thought that part of the problem with the five year saga that was the old assistant is that the old assistant was forced into the position if he wanted to stay a supervisor. You would think that, in this economy, a middle-aged man would be happy to have a job, period, and would adjust to his new circumstances, but the old assistant entered the job counting the days until retirement. He did not have to relocate, but he complained constantly about the driving necessary to do his job since he had not relocated. In short, he just never got over the fact that his old job went away.

The new assistant refuses to relocate as well, but I don’t think that breaks the railroad’s heart any. My husband has noticed a trend that they seem to be promoting people for whom no relocation is required. That makes good business sense, I guess. Seven years ago, they said it cost thousands of dollars to relocate us. I never thought their figure was anywhere close to accurate, but a penny saved is a penny earned.

It will be a year before the new assistant has the training that he needs to do his job, but in the meantime, he has enough knowledge to be of some help to my husband. I hope he wants to help. Just that little bit of an attitude change would be a big relief.


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