As Birthdays Go….

Yesterday was a good one. I do feel obliged to point out that while, as my son not-so-delicately noted, I am officially over the hill, I don’t feel like I am.

Being middle-aged is much different from how I thought it would be. When I look at the man I married, I see him much as he was twenty-eight years ago, and I feel much like I did then. It is only when we look at pictures of ourselves, I think, or when our bodies won’t respond as we remember them doing, that we realize how many years have passed. It is funny how,even though my children are grown with lives of their own, I see them at all of their ages sometimes when I look at them.

My husband and I went shopping in Fort Wayne and met the daughter and her young man for lunch. I am pleased to report that the young man makes her sparkle. That makes her father and me very happy. (It appears that the daughter makes him shine as well.)

My sister and my grandson, RJ, sang “Happy Birthday” to me. My sister is keeping up a tradition that my mother started, and although Mom has been in heaven for ten years now, keeping up her traditions keeps her close to us. RJ prefaced his singing with this statement:”Grandma, it’s your birthday!” To him, the concept of birthdays is new enough to be special.

My son and his family sent me the most beautiful card about my life having a plot and my years having a theme. Very appropriate, don’t you think, for someone who has taught English?

My brother remembered to send me a card.

And the sun was shining. All day.


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