Banned from Day Care!

My oldest grandson, RJ, is driving his day care provider up a wall. He can be a handful. That’s not up for debate. He is a smart little boy and can keep up with many six year olds. But despite the fact that he is advanced in a lot of areas, he is still just three.

And what, you may ask, are the heinous crimes that resulted in the request for RJ’s ban? First of all, he refused to do his morning work(which consists of coloring and like activities). Secondly, he raided the pantry and ate some food. And when given an ultimatum, he refused to admit his crime. Call me an indulgent grandma, but I would call a day when a preschooler only does things he shouldn’t twice a pretty good day!

Can a three year old even understand an ultimatum? I am sure RJ knew he was doing wrong, but I don’t know if he could understand the choices an ultimatum involves. I am pretty sure he just didn’t want to get in trouble.

Besides, he is rather transparent and shows evidence of conscience. Recently when I was on the phone with my son, RJ came up to him unprompted and said, “Daddy, I don’t have anything.”

Wouldn’t you immediately be suspicious of such a comment?

My son said, “Let me see what’s in your hand.”

RJ showed him one hand, keeping the other behind his back.

My son said, “Now let me see your other hand.”

At this point, my son was chuckling. “All right,” he said. “Let me see what’s in BOTH hands.”

Turns out RJ had filched one of his daddy’s vitamins. At least he felt guilty enough to almost confess.

I can sympathize with a babysitter who has had a hard day, but I think when you take care of kids, you ought to be able to appreciate their “kidness.” I hope the rest of the sitter’s week goes well.

And I hope the sitter forgives his crimes and lets him start with a fresh slate. Every day.


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