Handling Stress

The production season is always particularly stressful for my husband, and I have been noticing lately that his men really feed into his stress level. They will only do this part of the job or that part, even though all of it is required. They refuse overtime at times, even when it is necessary to compete a job. At others, they whine at my husband because there is no overtime or because someone else worked when they thought it was their turn.

I know that managers have to deal with these things, but what I am noticing lately is that a lot of his problems come from the workers he has who call themselves Christians. I know that we shouldn’t “worry about the speck in our brother’s eye [when we have] a log in our own” (as the Bible says), but watching this behavior makes me more aware of what an example our behavior as Christians is. Good and bad. And it makes me thankful for the husband that I have. He does a job until it is done and done right, no matter what. I think his actions would identify him as a Christian even to someone who didn’t know for sure.

I have been pondering my role in this time of our lives. My husband’s stress will probably not ease for several months, and although I am highly in favor of the new job that was mentioned, so far that has not come to pass. Therefore, my husband must find a way through this, and I have to do…..what?

I think that need to run the home front as much as I can without his needing more than a report. I can do that.

I need to be sensitive to the fact that his long hours are a necessity and find other outlets for my socialization needs if necessary. I probably can do that.

I need to realize that his distractedness at home does NOT mean that he loves me less. That’s harder. This step is, however, a necessary one. In the past, I have felt neglected when my husband had to work long hours. I think I need to concentrate less on myself and more on him. My husband needs to come home to a restful place when he can finally leave work.

I am convinced that I should watch how I handle my husband’s long hours not only because I am concerned about his welfare but because, somewhere, someone may be watching me. And having identified myself as a Christian, I don’t want to set a bad example for any other wives out there who are dealing with a husband who is stressed.

I’m hoping that having identified my goals publicly (at least for the handful of people who read my blog), I will hold myself more accountable for them. We will get through this.

And besides, my husband can take a break. In June. Maybe.


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