Bail-out at Bob Evans and Other Good Things

I had breakfast with a friend of mine this morning. We had a good time. The sun was shining. When we went to pay, I told her I had it. Her order was small.

Much to my surprise, my credit card was declined! That has never happened to me before, and I was annoyed and a little embarrassed. My friend, smiling. covered the whole thing. Not that it was much, but it is sure nice to have a friend like that. And that’s what I choose to dwell on. Well, that and the fact that the credit card company said that my card was fine and the problem was on the restaurant’s end.

Then I went to pick up a prescription. My doctor had written a three-month prescription for a medication that I need, but there is a four-month lag between the blood tests that determine how much of it I need. He called in a prescription to cover the gap, but the insurance company turned it down because the refill was too soon. Annoying, yes. But at least I don’t need the medicine right now.

Finally, I came home to a warm house. I know you think that I should anyway, but we have a programmable thermostat, and it is set for the work week. Since I have today and tomorrow off school, that is the wrong schedule, but I had forgotten to tell the thermostat to hold the temperature before I left. My hubby did it for me. That’s such a little act, but the fact that he thought of it means a lot to me.  Being gone three hours when temperatures are in the teens really does make for a cold house.
I guess it’s all in the way that you look at things. This morning was annoying, but thanks to a lot of thoughtful people, it has turned out fine.

Wish I could always remember to look on the bright side!


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