A little over three weeks ago, my husband was told that his name is in a pool with a few others for a job that he really thinks he wants. It would involve a move for us, but it would also (we think) mean that he would work far fewer hours. Do I want it? I don’t really want to move farther away from my family, but I am tired of watching my husband work sixty plus hours a week.

The sixty hours would, in fact, be a short week. It appears that many who do the job my husband does work fourteen hour days, and it is not unusual for them to work more than five days a week. I know that his job is not unusual in that, at the managerial level, the responsibilities become heavier and heavier. I have had this discussion with the manager of my local Speedway, as a matter of fact. But I do believe that people need to rest. And it is hard for people who take their responsibilities seriously to take a break when they know there is a job to be done.

The job that is opening up will be open March 1 due to a retirement, so we will have to know by March 1, you would think. It isn’t as hard to wait now as it was when we were first told of the possibility, but it is still hard because we think we are not dwelling on the job and then something comes up to remind us. Like yesterday. My husband said that they usually announce promotions at the end of the weekly meeting and that his heart skipped a beat when his supervisor said, “And I want to offer congratulations to….” As it turned out, the congratulations were for an added job that had been well done, but the fact that the possibility entered my husband’s head tells me he still wants the job.

I have reached the stage in my life where, at least eventually, I can pray that if God won’t help us out of a hard situation ( that being the long hours my husband is working), He will help us find a way through it. In my humanity, though, I still want the quickest solution. The sign on the church down the road says that patience is waiting on God’s timing, and so far, His is a lot slower than mine.

So we wait. And we hope that, since the job is not local, someone tells us if it is awarded to someone else.


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