If you don’t have rheumatoid arthritis, you probably won’t be interested in this.

It is time for me to make the big switch from Remicade to Enbrel. As a matter of fact, my medication has been here for a week now, and I am about a month overdue.

Some things about making the switch are good, I think. Enbrel is all derived from humans; Remicade includes mouse DNA. That bothered me initially. I wondered if my middle-aged whiskers would get worse. Then my daughter gave me a book to read where people were genetically engineered with mouse DNA. Now you know that a lot of science fiction turns out to be fact, so that worried me a little too. HOWEVER…if I were going to genetically engineer someone for an evil, maniacal purpose, I wouldn’t choose someone with an autoimmune disease. So I decided I was safe.

Although the Enbrel site recommends injection training, my doctor didn’t seem to think it was a big deal since the medicine comes in pre-filled syringes. He offered to let me take home a kit that had a ball I could inject. I declined. My husband gave injections to his mother years ago when she was ill. There is a video on the Enbrel website. I thought we could cope.

My next big excuse was that we didn’t have a Sharps container to hold the empty needles. That came yesterday.

I don’t know why I am worried, really. I found an article here.

that says Enbrel can clear up fatigue and depression when given as a treatment for psoriasis. Should work for rheumatoid arthritis too, shouldn’t it? Who knows? Maybe it even covers gray hair!

I’ll keep you posted.


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