Words that Made My Day

I was helping two students with math.  I don’t know if you have ever been exposed to special ed students, but many of them do not know their times tables, even in high school, and must use their calculators.  They get their assignments, at least most of them do.  It just takes them a lot longer.

Some of these kids are behavior problems.  They are frustrated in the “regular” classroom, which is where NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND says they belong.  Many of them don’t have role models at home to show them how to deal with such frustration.

You can’t help but talk to the kids and learn about them as you help them with their assignments.  They talk in the resource room.  They feel safe there.

During this class, one of the boys came back from cleaning the cafeteria.  He had been caught on video throwing a piece of pumpkin pie.  The janitor said he did a really good job and could have cleaning as a consequence any time as far as the cleaning staff was concerned, so we joked with him and said he might have a job waiting for him when he graduates (he is a senior).  The boy wasn’t interested, though.  He didn’t think maintenance would pay enough.

Another teacher and I thought differently, though.  We thought he might start at $12  an hour which, sadly, is more than I make at my job, for which a degree is required.  I said that if maintenance paid that much, maybe I should switch.

The two math students commented to each other about what I said.  “Do you think she would switch jobs?” the boy said to the girl.

“Nah,” she said.  “She likes kids.  She likes talking to us and helping us.”

I DO like kids, although in the course of performing my duties I am sure they think that I don’t.  How nice it was to hear that these two, at least, know why I come to school.


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