Seventh period was really hard today, and we even split the class up for a test. I understand why they were the way they were, but that doesn’t mean it was any easier to deal with.

One of the boys had almost been in three fights.  It was seventh period. You can guess what kind of mood he was in.

Another had been busy making up work that he missed last week.  He has a hard time reading, so he was out of energy by the time seventh period rolled around.

I took one of them to another room for help.  He told me he had not studied.  He spends the whole class time playing.  No wonder he didn’t know anything on the test!

And while I was watching them, what was I supposed to do with the ones who actually wanted my help?  Do you have any idea how much hyper kids need to move?  Even in high school?  When they are really worked up, it is hard to get them to keep their hands off one another and all the other things they shouldn’t touch.

When my son was in college, he taught a music lesson to my parochial school class.  I thought he did a good job.  While we were driving home, my son asked me how I kept my cool with all the hyperness going on.  I told him that I was the adult.  Somebody had to stay calm, and the task fell to me.

That is still the case.  Somebody had to stay calm.  And I did.  But now I’m tired. 



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