Enbrel vs. Remicade

For the past three years, I have been the happy recipient of Remicade infusions to manage my rheumatoid arthritis. The medication is costly, but it has changed my world from one in which I needed my handicapped sticker and was headed toward a walker to one in which I seldom need the sticker and can still work.

The reason I went on Remicade in the first place was because, at the time this was important for me, there was a shortage of Enbrel. And the Remicade worked, so there was no reason to change. Now, though, I took a lower-paying job which is more in line with what my body can handle. In the process, I lost my really good insurance. With my husband’s, there is a 20% co-pay for Enbrel and a 40% co-pay for Remicade. Remicade would cost $237/vial every eight weeks. My dosage is five vials. That’s a little steep.

Enbrel, because you inject it yourself (I think), is a little more cost-effective. I am a little concerned about its working as well as Remicade, but my rheumatologist has assured me that there is little difference. We shall see.

The thing about TNF-blockers is that they allow you to live a “more normal” life. If you have ever suffered an RA flare, you would be all in favor of more normal, whatever the price.


1 Response to “Enbrel vs. Remicade”

  1. 1 elsayed M. hassan July 24, 2006 at 9:50 pm

    Please i am from egypt and i suferring from crohn`s since 1996 and i made a surgery operatin at 1997 but now i sufer again .
    My doctor advise me to use remicade as soon as posible as it is the only medsine for my case , so please inform me
    1- what is the lowest price after discount can i get this medsin as its price very very high .
    2-how long i am goning to use this medsin .
    3- my weight 60kg & My age 43 years
    4- how many vails total i need

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