Cell Phones

My cell phone is more than six years old. It is big and clunky. Recently I reminded my daughter to lock the car as we ran in somewhere because my cell phone was out. She glanced at it and said, “Mom, nobody would steal that!”

I don’t use my cell phone very often, either. My kids scold because I don’t leave it on. I use it in emergencies, and I use it to call my husband at lunch or on my way home from work. That’s pretty much all.

My husband, though, uses his a lot. Last night he got called out because a track light was on, which in my opinion is a stupid rule on his territory. It was 11:30; we had gone to bed at ten. My husband’s territory is long and goes through a lot of little towns. It is a lonely drive when you are tired.

He called me half an hour or so after he left. The maintainer had called, so he didn’t have to make the whole two hour trek north. He did, however, have to change a blown-out tire. He was having problems getting the lug nuts loose with hand tools. He said the maintainer was coming to help him. The maintainer was an hour away.

Few things are more lonely than blowing out a tire in the middle of the night.

I don’t sleep well when he is gone anyway, but I held off calling him until 3:30. He was ten minutes away. He had used HIS cell phone to call the railroad-designated service provider who…of course…did not provide service in the middle of the night. He waited and waited, and finally they told him that none of their service people were answering their phones.  Besides, said the man my husband talked to, “We don’t have many service representatives in your area.  You are sort of rural, you know.”

Rural people still need help.  And you can’t call AAA for a company truck. 

Then he called the employee who is not his assistant but assists more than his assistant. Junior, who was more than an hour away, brought a truck with hydraulic tools up to help. Together, and with the help of the hydraulics, they loosened the lug nuts and changed the tire in the middle of the night on a not-so-well-traveled road.

How thankful I am for cell phones! My husband’s kept him in touch in the middle of the night. He is home safely.

However did we do things twenty-five years ago?


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