My Bad!

Isn’t that what the kids say?

Here’s what happened.  

I work with this boy who can’t do first and second grade math.  He’s a nice boy; the math is just beyond him.  So, the other day, he was really working on this paper, but he didn’t get it.  I mean, he didn’t get it to the point where you had to tell him, “OK, that’s the answer.  Write it down.”

Anyway, he was really working on this paper.  It had to do with working with fractions and variables, concepts that are beyond him, but since there is mandatory inclusion, that was the lesson.  So.  In order to get him to use the printed multiplication table, I told him I would write his assignment.

And he really did use the multiplication table, I think, to the best of his ability.  He didn’t know how to start, but if I said,”How many fours are in sixteen?” he would look until he found it.  Problem is, he can lose it between finding it and writing it down.  That’s why I wrote the assignment.  I wrote what he told me.

The boy really worked with me the whole period, which was sort of unusual because he is usually highly distractable.  Some of the other teachers say that he is distractable because he is lazy, and that may be, but I think he is also that way because the math lesson is so far above him that it is hard for him to stick with it.

So today, I get called outside the room.  The teacher of the class was mad that I wrote the assignment down.  The boy is lazy, you know.  The teacher wants him to write his own assignment.

OK.  But if he is going to write his assignments himself, at least they should be adapted to what he can do.  Don’t you think?  The resource teacher understood exactly why I had done what I did.  The way we did the assignment, he stuck with me through the whole thing.  I was proud of him.  He was proud of himself.

I have to remember, I guess, that I am no longer working as a certified teacher.  But, in my own not-so-private opinion, I think the math teacher should work on some of the building blocks of math before he requires this kid to be led step-by-step, one-on-one, through pre-Algebra.  The teacher is NOT the one doing the leading.

Does anyone out there, even those of you not in education, understand what I mean? 



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