The school where I work had a “security drill” this morning.  Nobody knew it was coming, but it would be less efficient if we had known, now wouldn’t it?

The world was given that the kids were to be kept in the room with the doors locked until we heard otherwise over the PA.  Then the sheriffs came in with the dogs.  I know that dogs were brought into the high school my kids attended, but I never heard them talk about a lockdown.

I guess the purpose of the lockdown was to search for drugs or maybe weapons.  The kids I was with were about to leave on a field trip.  I don’t know how many kids were taken away from the school, but one was taken from our bus when we got back.  We had had a good day; it’s too bad it had to end that way.

Why would kids bring contraband to school when they know such a search is a possibility? 



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