Still a Marine Mom

My son ended his tour of duty in the Marines in May of this year. In some ways, even though I know recall is a distant possibility, his service seems far behind him. He and his family are now established in the civilian world.

That is why I was surprised to find myself instantly on my feet at a comment one of the high school students made today. I was busy helping another student when I heard a kid say, “Scr** the Marines!” Now, part of me had heard the comments that were made previous to this. The kids were harassing a boy who is the best 2005 hippie I have ever seen because he always wears a camouflage jacket, accusing him of being an Army wanna-be. I did not hear what led to the Marines, but that didn’t stop me from reacting.

I walked up to the boy who had made the comment and said, “My son just got out of the Marines, and you will NOT be disrespectful about them in my presence!”

Hippie-boy was shaking his head, indicating that he would be disrespectful any time he chose, but another boy also responded to my comment. He said, “My brother is still in the Marines. He’s in Iraq, and he gets shot at. A lot. I hate the Marines.” He stopped for a minute while he studied my face. Then he said, “I guess I don’t hate the Marines. I guess I hate that they send the most people to die. I mean, I hate the Corps for what it does, not the people who are in it.”

I saw his point. Still, I had to reply that what he had said was disrespectful to his brother as well as to the Marines as a whole. He nodded, but I don’t know if he understood. I don’t think he will make disrespectful comments about the Marines in my presence.  I hope he thinks about it enough to stop making them at all.

Once a Marine mom, always a Marine mom, I guess.

Semper fi and OORAH!


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