Thoughts on Change –To Be Continued, I’m Sure

My husband came home from work Friday with all sorts of news. The job he worked two summers ago is open again because the guy who had it was promoted, and this time my husband was not the one assigned to it. Hallelujah! Also, the job in Ohio, which he initially thought he would try for, appears to have opened up. We have decided, though, that that is one job he should avoid due to past associations. I start a new job on Wednesday. Truthfully, I am glad in a way since my local school system is so very messed up. I sense change in our lives. In my heart, I believe something good is happening between our daughter and the young man she is seeing, and I don’t think anything will happen with my husband’s and my physical location until that takes place. Of course, I am not God, so I could be wrong, but those are my feelings. In a way, it is nice not to feel stuck in a rut, to be looking forward to the future. In another way, it is sort of frustrating because I only feel that this is the way things are going. There is absolutely nothing I can do to bring them about. Time will tell. The immediate future is filled with….cooking dinner.


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