When I was a kid, I took water for granted. We lived in the city, and it was always there. I washed in it, cooked with it and swam in it. No big deal. Then I got married and moved to the country where we had a well. I found out quickly that water was something special. Pumps fail. Not only that, sometimes in the country you are without electricity for quite some time, and electricity runs the well which gives you…..water. When we moved to Indiana, we swore we would get a house with city water and sewage, but we couldn’t find a house we liked in town, so we ended up with a well. This morning my husband, who rises for work at 4AM and obligingly shuts the dressing room door while he gets ready said, “Uh-oh.” Hearing those words that early is really not a good thing. I asked him what the problem was, and he said we did not have water. It fizzled out when he was brushing his teeth. He was worried because he did not want to leave me without water. I was worried because I have a list of things a mile long to do today and tomorrow, and I was wondering how that was going to fit in with waiting for the plumber. Then I worried about the expense of getting the thing fixed. My husband wandered out to the garage and checked the pressure at the filter. There was none. Then he checked the breaker, which was not tripped. He reset it anyway. In Ohio, we had a shallow well and the pump was under the house, we could hear when it was running and when it wasn’t. Here we have a deep well, so we never know right away if something like tripping the breaker will work. A few minutes after he reset the breaker, we heard the toilet finish filling, but we thought that was a fluke since there was still no water at the faucet. Of course, if the pump has been off, it takes a while to build up pressure. When he sat down for breakfast, my husband asked me to try the faucet in the kitchen. It was too soon, maybe, but…. And we had water! Both of us felt better. Obviously the system hiccuped, and unfortunately it will probably do so again. Probably when I am rushing around getting ready for work. And the big test will come with a shower or a load of wash. Still, I am thankful. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live in a country where you do not have water available at the turn of a faucet. I imagine that you would get used to it. But I feel for the people who must live that way. And I am thankful that at this point I do not.


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