Road Trip

This picture is of my husband and me on our last big vacation two years ago. Tomorrow, we leave for a week, and we are excited. This time we are going to Tennessee.

Truthfully, we have spent much of our married life cruising. My husband for his job, the kids and I to join him. The kids seemed to think it was all adventure when they were younger. I certainly did. I am not quite sure why. Maybe because the promise of something new is always just ahead. That’s why we normally don’t fly. We would miss too much along the way.

Two years ago, for our twenty-fifth anniversary, we cruised to the west coast from Indiana. We saw Salt Lake City. We saw Yosemite, which we had never seen before. That’s where the picture was taken. We drove up the California coast.

I saw a lot of places out there where I think I could live. There was a little beach town in northern California and a log cabin in the mountains of Washington state. The purpose of this trip, other than the fact that the two of us like to be on the road, is to look at retirement property. We are a little over five years out from that the way I figure it, not too soon to look.

My youngest sister lives in Saginaw, MI and wants us to move there. It is pretty in Saginaw, but I am personally not a fan of cold. So Michigan is out.

Our kids want us to retire in Ohio. So does my dad. Our son, as a matter of fact, has forbidden us to retire in Tennessee, which is where we are headed. He thinks somewhere in Ohio is best and has even jestingly offered us his basement.

I don’t know what we will find, but I am looking forward to getting away and looking. Sometimes the looking is better than the finding anyway. I will write more when we get back.


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