Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Seems I am on a roll here.

After sending my daughter the book THESE IS MY WORDS because I thought it applied to her life and is about an overcomer, she called and asked me to rent DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN because she thought it pertained to her life. To tell you the truth, the movie had interested me when it came out, but I knew my husband would never go to the theater to see it, so I was going to wait for the video. He had things to do last night away from home. I rented the movie, and I am so glad that I did.

The story is about Helen, who has been married to a successful lawyer for eighteen years. In the beginning of the movie, she tells her diary that she might be able to bring herself to leave him were it not for the fact that she remembers the good times. One night, she goes with her husband to a dinner where he is honored for his achievements. He says all the right words from the podium, including giving credit to his wife of eighteen years. The next day, their anniversary, he throws her out of their mansion in favor of his mistress, with whom he has fathered two children.

Helen signed a prenuptial agreement, so she has nothing. Nothing but herself, the support of her family and faith. Turns out she also has a man, the same one who drove the U-Haul containing her belongings away from her husband’s mansion. It takes Helen a while to give up on her husband, though. He is shot in the courtroom and abandoned by everyone he thought he had. She goes to help him recover, but she has some anger to work out in the process.

I thought one of the best lines of the movie was when Helen was contemplating her new love and said to herself that she had at least one thing to thank her ex-husband for. If he had not been so horrible, she might not have known what a good man would be like.

I don’t know what kind of reviews this movie got generally, but from me it gets two thumbs up. Here’s to overcomers, female and male, everywhere.


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