Darn That Manspeak!

My husband came by after a frustrating morning with his assistant yet again, and what did I do? I reacted as a woman which, of course, is natural to me because I AM a woman, but it isn’t very helpful to my husband.

I prayed a lot between his initial phone call and when he came by because my first reaction was not helpful to him at all. He needs to do what he thinks is right, but the task is made doubly hard for him because he is a middle child and he tries to make everybody happy. That’s fine with me except when trying to make everybody happy makes him sick.

Well, the good Lord intervened, and through an unusual sequence of phone calls, he got the opinions of his two immediate supervisors and felt better. I am so glad, but I have to admit I don’t get manspeak sometimes. Especially the part where the squeakiest wheel gets its way whether it is right or not, but maybe that is genderless. My first impulse is to tell my husband what I think he should do when really all he needs me to do is listen.


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