The Economy and Renovating the House

We are not really renovating, just sprucing up a bit. We eloped when we got married, so we didn’t get a lot of fancy gifts like some couples do. The early marriage stuff worked, though, so we kept using it.

That was OK until recently when, knowing I am currently jobless, I watched the price of basically everything creep up. And up. I don’t like to think of myself as cheap. Just frugal. But the fact of the matter is that I am here alone a LOT since my husband works long hours, and how the house looks does matter to me.

I never bought a new set of matching bedroom anything until we moved into this house six years ago. I remember telling a friend that it griped my soul to pay over $200 for what I wanted, and she laughed at me. I don’t want those kinds of things very often.

Right now I am in one of those moods where I do want some things for the house, and so I have purchased them. I got matching ceramic accessories for the master bedroom bath, and I got blue rugs and accessories for the guest bathroom. Altogether they cost almost as much as the six year old bedroom set. I was going to put the ones in the guest bathroom out to cheer myself up, but my husband doesn’t want me to put them out unless we have, well, GUESTS, so that might be a while. In Marion, everybody pretty much meets at restaurants; they don’t go over to one another’s houses. At least not the people that we have met since we have been here.

I am now in the process of cleaning so I can put the new things out. That is why I am glad that my daughter is visiting. She, like her dad, is a whole to parts person. My son and I are, I think, parts to whole people, so we look at big jobs and sometimes get overwhelmed. My daughter is giving direction to my cleaning efforts and overseeing what she calls my pack-rat tendencies. That’s OK with me. We downsized when we came to this house, and we might again when we retire. I don’t need a lot of junk.

But I’m looking forward to see my new “junk” set out!


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