Insurance and My School System

I just heard a nasty rumor and of course no one is in downtown to answer it. I don’t know if they are not in because it is summer and a Friday or if the superintendent has finally managed to get rid of everyone.

The rumor that I heard was that if you resigned before June 30th, you would lose your insurance. I don’t really see why that would be because I had insurance into August last year when I didn’t think I had a job, but with the “cost-cutting” measures that our superintendent has invoked, one can never tell.

I resigned June 6th because that was when my resignation was requested. Actually, it was more demanded, though that demand was delivered in terms of supposedly friendly advice, that being that it would look better if I resigned in case I return to teaching instead of being terminated. The director of human resources said she would terminate me when my license expired.

I don’t see how things could go wrong here. I mean, I have letters that say the school system recommended my rehire. It is just that, with all of the power stuff that appears to be going on in our school system, I don’t trust them.

I paid my union dues, although I have never called upon the union. If this turns sour, I might.


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